What are the key elements of Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian interior style, as one of the most recognizable modern interior styles, has endured its popularity since the 1950s.

Emerging during the Second World War when the influences of modernism and functionalism were gaining momentum, Scandinavian design brings together a mix of details and materials signalling simplicity and practicality alongside more utilitarian and natural materials.

This style, as seen to be heavily influenced by the Nordic region’s cold, short winter days, is cosy and bright as opposed to extravagant and dark.

Many designers believe the reasons why Scandinavian interior design remains ever-popular after so many decades are its focus on quality over quantity, and its creation of warm and comfortable atmospheres in interior spaces via simple, natural and elegant furnishings.

Here are 5 distinctive features that could help you to create an iconic Scandinavian Interior design in any space.

1. Clean-lined furniture

A sense of simply and modern Scandinavian interior design can be achieved through finely crafted and clean-lined solid pieces. For example, featuring smooth surfaces and functional geometrical shapes furniture such as tables, chairs, lights to create flow and cohesion in your space.

Flowerpot by Verner Panton

Savoy Vase by Alvar Aalto and Aino Marsio

Chieftains Chair by Finn Juhl

2.Light or muted interior colours

One of the main reasons that Scandinavian interiors created was to help
people to go through long, dark and cold winter by keeping the spaces warm and
bright. So it is common to use light colours like beige, white, light blue and
grey to add friendliness and warmth in Scandinavian interiors.

Shade: White Limed Oak 2229

3.Wood Effect Floorcoverings

Floor plays a foundational role in Scandinavian interior as flooring design sets the tone for the interior and determines the overall look of the space. Natural wood effect floorings are so far the most popularly used flooring coverings in Scandinavian interior design. In accordance with the rest of the décor, using light colours wood or stone effect floorings to brighten up your space and to make the interior more cohesive.

Shade; Salvaged Timber 2247

Shade: Bianco Oak 2241

4.Natural lights

Natural lights could make space look larger and create a brighter atmosphere in your Scandinavian interior. Choosing sheer fabric or any see-through material decorations for the windows to let the daylight in as much as possible.

5.Open and neat spaces

Historically, Scandinavian homes were usually in very small sizes. Therefore, the homeowners would keep the spaces practical and free of clutter. As homes are becoming larger now, the philosophy of minimalism and functionality has remained as a significant aspect of Scandinavian interior design.

Expona Commercial
Shade: Grey Ash 4020

Expona Commercial
Shade: White Ash 4021

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Shade: Natural Oak 2232

Shade: White Metalstone 2332

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