Aesop|creating unique, design-led retail experiences

Australian skincare brand Aesop was founded by hairdresser Dennis Paphitis in 1987.

Unlike other traditional skincare companies that promote their brands through advertising and celebrity endorsement, Aesop tells unique stories through superior products, aromatic experiences, unique environmental design and their philosophy of “unselling”, which you can understand straight away once you are in their physical shops.

So far, the brand has established over 235 physical stores across 25 countries and regions including Australia, Italy, France, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, South Korea and Hong Kong. Even though there are so many stores worldwide, the interior design of each is unique and different, which became one of the most powerful marketing tools to make the brand stand out among others.

Dennis, the founder of Aesop, commented: “We should consider each space and customer individually and respectfully, and bring the local context and a little joy into the conversation.”

For example, the Collins Street Store in Melbourne takes cues from the local culture and history and used leather curtains and vintage metal furniture to transform what was once an exclusive gentleman’s club into a new space.

The Collins Street store in Melbourne, Australia

The Westmont store in Montreal was designed to show the
relationship between water and nature in space. Three birch trees are remained
in the store to bring a calming atmosphere into this flowing and modern space.

The Westmont store in Montreal, Canada

The Chelsea store in New York was co-designed by Aesop and literary magazine Paris Review. The store is paved with grey slate tiles and the walls are covered with news and photos from Paris Review, creating a sense of artistic chaos and matching the characteristics of New York City.

The Chelsea store in New York, USA

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