How could healthcare interior design help with patients’ recovery?

When considering how to best design a healthcare interior, medical design trends in recent years have shared a key element in common: a focus on patients. Numerous medical studies suggest that patients' surroundings, comfort, and satisfaction level have a huge impact on their recovery. Thus, creating a healing design that promotes tranquillity and security is a great way to help speed up recovery times and improve the overall experience of your medical practice setting.

Natural light and open-plan practices are two of the common examples in healthcare design. However, there are more factors to consider before starting your new medical design project.

Biophilic Design

The concept, which can be simply described as “bringing the outside indoors”, aims to design any man-made space (office, hospital, school etc.) with natural elements, creating an interior scheme that triggers a positive impact on human health and well-being. Plants, views of direct nature, water, and even sounds and smells play important roles in Biophilic design. You can use these aspects to help create a natural ambiance in your space.

Incorporate technology into healthcare facilities

It goes without saying that technology is shaping our future, including in the medicine and healthcare sectors. Technology can help build sustainable healthcare systems and provides faster and more effective solutions for patients’ diseases. Things like installing digital kiosks in the checking-in areas, using automatic toilet and shower facilities in the restrooms can help hospitals speed up customer processing and improve sanitation.

Colour aesthetics

The colours in your healthcare interior can have a notable effect on how patients see and feel about your space. Traditionally, clinical interiors are only associated with a white palette. However, this is not considered a welcoming tone in healthcare settings anymore.

Now, it is more common to use different hues from the same colour or different accents to bring tranquillity and wayfinding into the healthcare settings. This can be a great way to provide a healing environment for the patients and improve overall outcomes.

Inspired by the natural environment and a world of colour, our Palettone PUR offers a palette of 50 contemporary colours, ranging from pale neutrals through to more intense shades.

Shade: Frosted Glass 8606;Pencil Lead 8608

Shade: Cayenne Heat 8633: Harvest Air 8620

Palettone PUR features a solid colour base with complementary toned highlights. Each shade of this range has its’ own unique NCS reference for use as a guide whilst exploring bespoke design schemes.

Project: Diana Princess Of Wales Hospital, UK
Product: Palettone
Shade: Cool Blende 8636

Within the health and care sector, Palettone combines performance with
aesthetics. When the issue of preventing and controlling infection is paramount
or when a subtle, tone-on-tone design is required for a dementia-led
environment, Palettone is the perfect fit-for-purpose contemporary floor
covering solution in any healthcare setting.

For colour. For choice. Think Palettone.

Shade: Weekend Sky 8611